"Long time no see"

While walking in the woods getting ready for this year’s deer season, we ran into an old friend of ours, KARL the Swamp Squatch. It had been awhile since we last spoke so we caught up in the shade of an oak tree. As we laughed and gasped at the world today KARL reminded us of something very important, “Believe in yourself when no one else will.” That’s when we knew that Karl had to be part of the KENDER family. He smiled at the idea and gave his word to protect the ways of the South and all of it’s traditions.

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Our Kender Heritage

While walking the gravel of the Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad, way before cell phones and iTunes, these ole boys committed to staying true to the good ole red, white, and blue.

KENDER is an outfitting clothing apparel line just full of good ole country fun. The whole concept is a play on country words, for instance backwords instead of backwards, and KENDER is redneck spelled backwards. People have often asked, if KENDER is redneck spelled backwards then where’s the C? We simply tell them that the C is in the Country, where every KENDER KUSTOMER should be.


So click on the links to our store and you’ll see some of our favorite REDNEK sayings, or should we say some of your favorite sayings? Come on and check it out!